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5-Step Trading Plan

Item Number: 5StepTradingGuideJan2011NLSpecial
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Interested in making your own investment decisions?
You’re definitely not alone!

More and more individuals are looking to take back control of their vanishing portfolios and 401K’s. People who have recently been forced into early retirement or caught in company down-sizing are taking matters into their own hands and learning what it takes to preserve their money. Many are considering trading for a living. While others simply want to talk with their stock brokers or company pension fund managers from a position of power and knowledge.

You can accomplish this quickly with all you will ever need to learn to trade the markets.

• Stop the daily stress of wondering where to invest

• Never feel intimidated again by your stock broker 

• Speak with confidence to your company’s HR Manager about your 401K

We know the most reliable and fastest way to get you to where you want to be. After 27 years of research I have never found a safer or quicker way to trade than the proven accuracy of Candlestick Signals.

I know that time is precious and you need to be proficient in reading the markets as fast a possible.  This is why I’ve taken my best training materials; The Major Signals Educational Package  and combined it with my 5-Step Trading Plan. (purchased seperately you would pay over $1,000)

Jump-start your trading plan with detailed instructions and chart illustrations to effectively trade the Major Candlestick Signals.  Then get ready to jump into my 5-Step Plan.

Step 1 - Scanning Techniques to Higher Profits   
Fast and easy techniques to quickly narrow down 10,000+ Stocks to a small list of the highest profit trades for the next day.
Previously reserved for Stephen Bigalow's Private Students but now on CD for quickly evaluating the best stocks. 80 minute video tutorial

Step 2 - Projecting Price Targets 
Learn to identify price targets - Don't settle for small percent gains when you can accurately identify 10% - 20% profit targets. 60 minute video tutorial

Step 3 - Setting Entry & Exit Points 
Getting the price direction right and still loosing money? Direction is only half the Battle, Timing is Everything. 60 minute video tutorial

Step 4 - Stop Loss Strategies & Techniques
Proper stop loss techniques are crucial to preserving your profits. There are two sides to every trade and you need to protect yourself from being on the wrong end. 70 minute video tutorial

Step 5 - Trading Rules to Successful Profits
Effective Tips, Tactics, and Rules of Successful Traders. (89 page eBook)
Every profitable business model requires guidelines - Trading for a living is a business, it is up to you to make it successful.

This entire package is ready for immediate download after purchase.

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