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Item Number: BOOTCAMP
MSRP: $1,594.00

November 20 & 21, 2010
Saturday & Sunday 
2-Day Training with Stephen Bigalow

Early Registration Discount $997 (members; $747.75)

Regularly Priced at $1594.00 for Non members -- 25% discount for members ($1,195.50)

Suitable for beginners and  intermediate investors.

Session 1 – Money management – Learn the simple portfolio techniques for taking emotions out of your investing

Session 2 - Entry & Exit Strategies – Learn common sense strategies that keep an investor from entering trades that will not be profitable. Develop profit taking procedures that eliminate the emotional fear of getting out too soon or holding on too long.

Session 3 - How to set your Stop Loss - Candlesticks provide very simple strategies that dramatically reduce getting stopped out too early. There are no formulas. There is just common sense locations that would illustrate when a trade is not working.

Session 4 - Trend Analysis - Learn simple techniques for analyzing when trends are about to reverse or when a trend, although showing a possible change of direction, is still continuing in its current direction. This knowledge alone permits in investor to sit through “iffy” trend conditions without closing profitable positions too early.

Session 5 - Profitable Signal Recognition  - Learn the extremely strong reversal signals that produce the high profit/high probability trends.

Session 6 - Trading Gaps at the Top and Gaps at the Bottom – Candlestick signals/patterns and gap combinations are your best friend. Learn how to exploit the huge gains gaps can produce.

Session 7 - Profitable Pattern Recognition – Know how investors minds usually think, producing reoccurring price patterns. Wouldn't you like to invest with confidence knowing what a price pattern will create as results? This is exactly what candlestick patterns illustrate.

Session 8 - Your New Trading Strategies –When to buy and when to take profits. Develop a trading strategy that fits with your personality/risk tolerance. Candlestick signals work in all time frames. You can control your own profit targets.

BONUS SESSION -  Bring everything you've learned together - 
3 hours - The final session will involve learning how to scan for the best possible trades in less than 20 minutes each afternoon. All the aspects of the previous sessions will be incorporated into the analysis providing the most powerful trade potentials. Once you have learned how to visually recognize the strong price potentials and understand why those price patterns work effectively, you have gained the analytical power that most investors take years and years to perfect.

Register now - to sweeten the deal we're adding the following incentives:

  • $100 off coupon for future webinars through the end of 2010
  • 3 paid months of Membership ($97/month value)
  • Immediate Access to training videos (valued over $300)
  • 3 Free Monthly training video(avg monthly value $60)
  • Members Only Monday evening online Session with Steve
  • Free Access to the Live members Trading Room during market hours - Value = Priceless!
Download of recorded session included with each webinar

Quickly learn to trade the stock market with time-tested trading strategies. Japanese Candlestick Signals and Trading Patterns;  proven to be one of the most reliable trading strategies.

These signals have been in use for over 300 years and confirmed to be one of the most reliable technical analysis tools for profitable stock market trading. Candlestick charting is such a popular trading tool that you will find them on any of the major trading platforms.

Everything you need to learn to trade the stock market using Japanese Candlestick Signals and Trading Patterns.

Suitable for beginners but directed towards intermediate investors.


The Candlestick Forum Profitable Candlestick Training is oriented toward the serious investor that wants to make trading a full-time occupation or dramatically increase the relevance of their trading income. Each session contains detailed explanation of elements that make candlestick analysis a powerful high-profit tool.  Learn how to make a great living from the markets. Enjoy the natural benefit of candlestick signals - take the emotions out of your investment decisions!







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