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Moving Averages Plus Bonus Video

Item Number: mini-web MA + Bonus Video
Moving Averages Plus Bonus Video MSRP: $157.77
Our Price: $57.00


Private offer to newsletter subscribers only

A Training Video that Reveals the Not-So-Obvious

Learn to recognize the stock charts with powerful profits.
Combine the precision of Candlestick Patterns
with Major Moving Averages!

Your friends will think you can predict the future!

~ Moving Averages have proven to be reliable
~ Excellent to identify support and resistance
~ Easy to learn
~ Quick visual picture to identify trends
~ Reliable in ALL time periods

Bottom Line - Moving Averages improve any trading strategy and increase your profits. I don't know about you, but any time I find a proven technical indicator with such a high degree of accuracy, I am one happy trader!
To introduce you to the magic of Moving Averages, I am featuring my training video Trading Moving Averages with Candlestick Signals (60 minute training video that sells for $88) with Companion PDF
And, to thankyou for being a newsletter subscriber, here is a special  BONUS
I'm thowing in my $69 Video,  Trading Breakout Patterns for FREE.
Total value over $157 - for only $57 - that keeps a nice $100 bill in your wallet!

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