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Quick-Start Trading Package

Item Number: QuickStartPackage
Quick-Start Trading Package Our Price: $222.00


Your Quick-Start to Trading the Stock Market

STEP 1 - The Major Candlestick Signals Video
Learn to read charts Fast and Easy with Candlesticks - No complex chart patterns and there are only 12 signals you will ever need!


STEP 2 - The Major Moving Averages Video
Specific points to spot profit opportunities and predictable price points that allow you to trade, even in sideways markets.


STEP 3 - Setting Entry & Exit Points Video
Direction is only half the battle. The secret to higher profits is timing. The proper entry and exit points reduce drawdowns and increase profits.



Stop trying to decipher complex charts!
Can you tell from the chart below if the price is ready to go up, retrace, or reverse?




Now - Look at the same chart with Candlesticks 

Candlestick Signals  signaled us to expect a strong upward price movement!


All this from  learning the 12 Major Candlestick Signals in Step 1 of our Quick-Start Trading Package. 


Combine the power of Candlestick Signals with Major Moving Averages, in Step 2, and you have just tipped the scales in your favor! These little beauties work like magnets and provide simple solutions to finding support and resistance. Buying at points far out from one of these and you will be sorry you didn't take them seriously!


In Step 3 you dig deeper into Setting Entry & Exit Points.

Don't give the markets one more penny than you have to! Fine tuning your entries and exits mean higher profits and easier risk/reward assessment.

Who else dreams of trading for a living?
Imagine being able to make a living from anywhere in the world.
For years I've enjoyed the freedom of working without physical limitations. All it takes is my laptop and I can work from the peaceful surroundings of a Colorado mountaintop or relaxing beach front local. 

If anyone had told me twenty years ago I would be trading for a living, I'm not sure I would believe it. I don't have a freakishly high IQ, no unique abilities, just a burning desire to determine my own future.

But you say, 'Steve, I have a day job and can't trade all day'. Many of my students make their trades within the first hour of the market. I even traded from the dash board of my old truck while traveling between job sites. In my spare time I feverishly studied everything I could to develop a successful trading plan.   Unlike you, I did not have anyone to teach me. In all modesty, if I can do it there is nothing stopping you.
Wouldn't you like to make up your own mind and control your investments? At the very least; be able to understand the latest recommendation from your broker; make calculated  decisions in your 401-K choices and intelligently determine where you want YOUR money? 
The Quick-Start Trading Package provides you with everything you need to begin your trading career. Success is simple with remarkably easy techniques that have been my secret to trading in any market for more than 25 years. Candlesticks provide natural patterns that have stood the test of time. They work in all time frames and make perfect strategies for swing trades for quick profits. 

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