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Projecting Price Targets

Item Number: ProjectTargets
Projecting  Price Targets Our Price: $127.77


Investors persist in making the same mistakes. The Money Managers count on it!

Are they profiting from you?

Why settle for 3% -6% profit when you can accurately predict 10% - 20% targets!

Projecting  Price Targets -reveals the human 'tipping point' at important junctures in the market.

Exactly what are these tipping points?

    • Congestion areas
    • Trend Lines
    • Trend Channels
    • Gaps
    • Fibonacci lines
    • Moving Averages

Do you panic sell at the bottom?               Or, do you profit on the pullbacks?                  

Do you buy into greed at the top?             Or, do you profit by selling into greed?


Projecting Price Targets teaches you to identify and prioritize what the charts are trying to tell you. Train your eye to quickly spot the Highest Profit Trades. Stephen Bigalow takes you step-by-step in this 1 Hour Video to

    • understand the targets
    • expected price behavior 
    • targeting prices with gaps
    • which Fibonacci lines are the most likely targets
    • what to expect at congestion areas 

Learn to take advantage of trade opportunities that  put cash in your account.

It's fast! It's easy!

Don't trade blind - Open your eyes to the power of trading with the security of Candlestick Precision.

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