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Advanced Pattern Analysis Package

Advanced Pattern Analysis Package MSRP: $495.34
Our Price: $420.75



Candlestick signals work extremely well in their own right.  The immense amount of information conveyed in the signals provides an excellent format for dramatically improving probabilities.  However, even those probabilities can be enhanced.  Witnessing candlestick signals in conjunction with other valuable technical indicators and patterns improves the probabilities of not only being in a correct trade but in a powerful trade move.  Wouldn't you like to be able to identify not only high probability price moves but potentially very strong price moves.  This is the information accumulated in the Advanced Pattern Analysis Package.

The visual information conveyed in the Candlestick Forum's pattern analysis CDs becomes a valuable tool for recognizing high profit trade potentials. This is not a difficult learning process.  These training CDs take the knowledge incorporated into candlestick signals and enhance the results dramatically when applied to other technical indicators. These indicators, being followed by large numbers of investors, can be better analyzed immediately when the candlestick signals illustrate what is happening at those levels. You gain valuable visual analytical insights. You will be able to recognize instantly what is occurring in investor sentiment at important trading levels.

Our Advanced Pattern Analysis Package contains all 8 individual training videos, grouped together to save you money. Each video ranges approximately 30 minutes to 60 minutes in length and describes in-depth the proper execution of these high profit patterns.

 Simple visual patterns have produced high profit results for centuries.  Learn them and use them correctly, and you will have control of your own investment future.

All of the following training videos provided in CD format as part of this Advanced Package:

Gaps at the Top
Gaps at the Bottom
The Major Moving Averages
Cradles & Belt Hold Patterns
Fry Pan Bottom
Scoop Patterns

You will feel confident when placing investment funds into price patterns that you can fully analyze and recognize. Put  the probabilities greatly in your favor. You will gain the competitive edge by knowing what investor sentiment is doing. What do you have to lose? The few hours  it takes to be able to train your eye to recognize high probability reversals and patterns will be something that you can retain for the rest of your investment career.  The benefits you receive from these highly informational training CDs will put you in control of your investment future. Your analytical abilities will make evaluating price trends easy in any trading market. Take advantage of this special offer.  You owe it to yourself to have control of your own investment future.

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