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11/17/2016 Guest Presentation with Jeff Gibby

To play recorded sessions;

To view the full video you would have to download the clip. In order to download, click on the link, once on the video page you will click on the far top right hand side of the video "download" and save to your files. (If not downloaded you will only see 15 minutes of the webinar.)

Stock Chat - Thursday 11/17/16


In last night's session we discussed:
  • How to easily scan all markets to find patterns using twenty of my most profitable patterns
  • Step by step on how to use the charts to get detailed pattern explanations for using the Candle Profit Systems
  • How to use MetaStock to better understand my patterns and how to implement them in your trading with its real time commentary functions.
All of this is included in my award winning MetaStock Add-on.

My MetaStock has been rated one of the best add-ons available for any platform multiple times in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine.  I am proud of the product. It was the result of a lot of work from me and the development team.  

In addition to scanning, Candle Profit System will:
  • Identify 20 of my favorite candle patterns on your chart in real time
  • Offers specifics recommendations on how to take advantage of these patterns
  • Offers the enhancements to help you narrow down your list to the perfect trades
As a special offer, we are offering the Candle Profit Strategies at a discounted one time price of $399 (normally $499.) In order to get this special offer click here. You must hurry, this offer expires on 11/25. Also if you don't already have a copy of MetaStock, you can pick up a trial of the software at the same time.


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