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09/17/2015 Guest Presentation with Metastock and Stephen Bigalow

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Stock Chat - Thursday 09/17/2015

Candle Patterns have been used by traders since the mid 1700s.  Jeff Gibby’s analysis combines my unique patterns, with trend analysis in my award winning add on for MetaStock.  It has 20 of my most popular patterns.  


Finding a good fry pan bottom has never been easier using MetaStock Exploration utilities.    You can now easily scan through hundreds of different global markets 


Combining the power of MetaStock and Candle Profit Systems, you can now quickly:


• Scour through the market to identify his chart patterns.  

• Visually see these patterns on a chart

• Receive detailed explanations and enhancements for each of these patterns


This add-on is available starting at just $299.  It also includes an iron clad 30-day money back guarantee and a free trial to MetaStock.


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