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1/10/2013 Guest Presenter Ross Mullins

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Stock Chat - Thursday 01/10/2013

Ross is offering a 10-day trial to his' Premium Videos and Trade Room Service. 
You will have a 10-day Full Access trial to both pieces that this service offers. 

Here is a little description to help you understand more of both service parts.

Premium Videos
This piece gives you the ability to watch a video that Ross produces first thing in the morning and it is posted for you to review at 9:00 am ET. There are seven different currency pairs that are monitored and discussed in this daily video.

Ross' Trade Room
The Trade Room is a place where you can log into a live trade room and receive live commentary as well as have the opportunity to ask questions and get guidance on your personal trading. This room happens everyday at 10:00 am ET and he stays until all of your questions are answered after the lesson!

To take a 10-day trial of Ross's service CLICK HERE:


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