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Candlestick Analysis Technician - Houston Seminar - April 2007

We started off the weekend with a special ‘Hit & Run Candlesticks’ training session by Rick Saddler, aka Ricky Wayne, our Trading Room Moderator. We learned to ‘Keep it Simple - Keep it Mechanical’ with his easy to learn Mechanical Trading Techniques. His profit taking philosophy, ‘T-Line Technique’ and ‘Holy Grail’ setups gave us an eye-opening education. The session reviews were so compelling it prompted a business meeting between Stephen Bigalow and Rick. Look for a new addition to our website soon with more from Rick Saddler in our new ‘Hit & Run Candlesticks’ Traders Corner.



Hardy Frank, James Farrell, AJ Vasaris, Pat Johnson, Kathy Card, Rick Saddler, Barbara Wollen, Agnes Bradt, Ed Cole, Ben Bass



Next on the Agenda - Friday evening Cocktail Reception

A good time was had by all - ‘What happens at the seminar - Stays at the Seminar’






Fun and Games are over - Back to work - Saturday morning Registration and kick-off for 2 full days of intensive training.


PAT JOHNSON & ERIC JOHNSON                            


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