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Stephen Bigalow and Ralph Acampora
Ralph Acampora is the Director of Technical Research for Knight Equity Markets, L.P.
Mr. Acampora is best known to the public for his correct prediction in 1995, that within three years the market would hit 7000. That would be 60% above the market's level at that time!


Stephen Bigalow and John Bollinger
John Bollinger, President and Founder of Bollinger Capital Management, Inc. Mr. Bollinger is well known for his Bollinger Bands, which have been widely accepted and integrated into most analytical software currently in use.



Stephen Bigalow, Sam Stovall, James Rohrbach
Sam Stovall is the Chief Investment Strategist for Standard & Poor's and serves as analyst, publisher and communicator of S&P's outlooks for the economy, market, sectors and stocks.
James Rohrbach is Founder and President of Investment Models, Inc. and noted as one of the top market-timers in the country.

James Rohrbach, Pat Johnson, and Sam Stovall
James Rohrback, President of Investment Models, Inc.
Pat Johnson, Business & Marketing Director for Stephen W. Bigalow
Sam Stovall, Chief Investment Strategist at Standard & Poor's





Candlestick Trading Forum