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There are over 75 million pages on the internet covering Stock Market Information Websites. Where do you begin? Naturally, The Candlestick Forum believes we can deliver the goods! With so many stock market information websites to review, new investors could spend months sorting through the hype. That is why The Candlestick Forum provides free stock market information for both the new and experienced investor interested in quickly learning how to read stock charts. Investors’ easily learn to identify common buy and sell signals with candlestick charts. We offer ‘printable’ pages for your reference for trading all the major signals, the secondary signals (also, called reversal signals), and Continuation Patterns. Each week we add a new trading signal to our website and encourage you to check back often to gradually continue your stock market information training.

We also list several stock market information websites to alert our readers to other websites. Unlike many stock market information websites, we do NOT participate in irrelevant link exchanges that end up taking you on a wild goose chase. A member of our staff has personally reviewed each site. We are certain Candlestick Signals and Patterns are the basis for successful trading. Become comfortable reading stock charts and then expand your education by combining the Japanese Candlestick Techniques with Western techniques. Review our recommended reading and Other Recommended Stock Market Information Websites.




The slow down of the trend is visually obvious. The opposite signal pattern is the Advance Block pattern. The long black body at the end of a downtrend is the first portion of this pattern. The shadow indicates that some buying had presented itself. The next day reveals a deterioration of the selling. The third day is a Marubozu, no shadows. A bullish day following this pattern is good confirmation that the downtrend fizzled and reversed.


  1. The first black candle day has a lower shadow that indicates buying stepping in. Almost a Hammer but not quite.
  2. The second day is like the first but on a smaller scale.
  3. Day Three should be a Marubozu, no shadows. It is within the previous day’s trading range.

Pattern Psychology

After a down trend, the daily formations start indicating that buyers are becoming evident. The second day indicates the same message on a small scale. Day three brings movement to a slow process. The bears should now be concerned about their positions. New lows are diminishing rapidly. This gives enough time for the short sellers to start covering their positions.

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