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Daily Market Comments - July 2018

07/11/18 - Stock Market Comments

The knee-jerk reaction to the additional tariffs made the markets opened much lower but now buying is starting to creep in. This is currently indicating the Bulls have not left the market but it will be important to see how much strength the Bulls have going into the close today.

07/09/18 - Stock Market Comments

The candlestick bullish signals over the past two weeks of trading have made it clearly evident that investor sentiment was showing support at obvious technical support levels, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 showed buy signals off the 50 day moving average, the Dow and transportation index supported at the 200 day moving average.

07/06/18 - Stock Market Comments

What should be a relatively low-volume day is still indicating the indexes all trading positive and above the T-line. This indicates the lack of any bearish sentiment, adding additional confirmation the markets have been in a basing period for the past two weeks, using obvious support levels.

07/03/18 - Stock Market Comments

With the markets closing early Today, there is not great expectation of any big movement in the markets. Currently the indexes are trading relatively flat, not unexpected. There are still excellent profits being made both on the long side in the short side in today's trading. There does not need to be any major repositioning today, be ready to head for the golf course.

07/02/18 - Stock Market Comments

Although the markets are trading lower, they are trading above where they opened, creating bullish candles. This is an indication there is not dramatic selling occurring at these levels. The transportation index is trading positive, producing a bullish left/right combo after Friday's inverted hammer signal in the oversold condition.


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