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Daily Market Comments - February 2011

2/23 - Stock market Comments

 After the heavy selling Tuesday, the market looks like is opening slightly positive Wednesday. However, if it start selling off, back through Wednesday's low, close out long positions and add some short positions. Wednesday's trading should be an open positive and continued buying like we saw after the big selling of three weeks ago.        

2/22 - Stock market comments

Tuesday's market open will be a reaction to the middle east turmoil. This does not necessarily mean there has been a major change of investor sentiment. It may only be a reaction. Watch how the trading proceeds once the market is open. Keep a heavy position in oil stocks.   

2/17 -stock market comments

There is slight weakness in the premarket futures after the stronger unemployment numbers. Nothing yet reveals any major change in investor sentiment. The oil stocks continue to maintain strength  due to the civil unrest sprouting up in the middle east. Continue to hold long positions.                  

2/14 - stock market comments

 Happy Valentine's Day. Buy your sweetie something frivolous. The premarket futures are indicating an extremely flat open. The markets have provided a good steady uptrend with healthy profit-taking included along the way. As long as the markets do not show any severe change of investor sentiment, continue to invest in  good bullish charts.      

2/9 - Stock Market Comments

 The Dow has had a couple strong days, moving it away from the T-line. The magnitude of the days do not indicate full-scale exuberance but do show signs that it is beginning. Stay long, but be a little bit more diligent. Remember to sell some of the bags of rice before the peak.      

2/8 - Stock Market comments

 The premarket futures are trading relatively flat ,which is not a bad signal after Monday's decent bullish day. There does not seem to be any severe profit-taking, which is in the same mode as what this uptrend has been demonstrating. Continue to hold and buy.     

2/7 - Stock market Comments

The premarket futures are showing slightly higher opening this morning. This is in nature with the existing trend. continue to stay long. Stay with the strong sectors.         

2/4 - Stock Market Comments

 The job numbers did not appear to be very stimulating, but the premarket futures are not giving way. The bullish sentiment, albeit moderately positive, is still maintaining a slow uptrend in this market. Continue to stay long but a another break in the market like we saw last Friday would start putting some apprehension into the bullish thinking. Stay long and stay nimble. 

2/2 - Stock Market Comments

 After two strong price moves in the last couple of days, profit-taking should not be unexpected. Keep your funds placed in the strong charts. That will include holding onto some positions that might be pulling back but not showing a sell signal. The uptrend should be in progress provided  the indexes do not closed below the halfway point of Tusday's candle.

2/1 - Stock Market Comments

A positive open Tuesday will move the DOW back up abobve the T-line. The nasdaq has gapped  up above the T-line. If they hold above the T-line Tuesday, the uptrend will remain in progress.       


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