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July 30th Market Direction

Candlestick analysis as a great inherent advantage. It allows investors to maintain bullish positions when the market is starting to get toppy/consolidating. The natural evolution allows candlestick investors to take profits in charts that are starting to show sell signals/weakness and rollover into good short positions. Simple trend confirmation allows for maintaining positions that are still trading bullish even when the market has gone bearish. Because candlestick signals and patterns are created by human nature, a trend will continue as long as there is not any change of human nature. The T line is a very high probability trend indicator that allows for maintaining positions.

The strong signals, such as the kicker signal, provides clear visual evidence there has been a major change of investor sentiment. The strength of a kicker signal disregards the overall market trend or the conditions of stochastics. The strength of a kicker signal implies there will be much more upside. Knowing the simple rules of the 12 major candlestick signals allows an investor to continually have positions established that produce strong probabilities of profitability.

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