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June 11th Market Direction

The graphics of candlestick charts allows candlestick investors to accurately analyze the direction of the market. It also allows for the visual analysis of high profit candlestick price patterns. The logic is simple. Candlestick patterns are a product of a build up of investor sentiment. When analyzing the overall market trend, the lack of any evidence the trend is going to change add strength to the candlestick patterns. This has great relevancy! An uptrending market will provide numerous stocks trading in an uptrend. But identifying the patterns that are in the process of breaking out or have already broken out will produce immensely more profitability than merely riding merely uptrending stocks. Pattern breakouts are the result of investor sentiment reaching the build up of investor sentiment that eventually provides exuberant buying.

Identifying patterns also produces exact timing to enter a trade. This can be seen in the Tesla chart, when a trend kicker signal confirmed a frypan bottom pattern. Knowing how investor sentiment produces the same price moves time after time, the candlestick investor not only is able to place themselves in high probability trades but also in high profit trades. Once a strong reversal has been witnessed, simple trend indicators such as the T line allow investors to maintain trades without letting their emotions bring amount of profitable trades to early. Candlestick charts are merely the graphic depiction of common sense investment practices that are utilized by experienced investors. Candlestick charts provide the same insights without having to have decades of investment experience.



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