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May 24th Market Wrap-Up

The T line has great relevancy when used in conjunction with candlestick signals. The candlestick signals are the graphic depiction of human nature. The T line has Fibonacci characteristics. It acts as a natural support and resistance level of human nature. When you combine candlestick signals and the T line, you create a very powerful analytical tool for how prices move. This could be clearly seen in the market indexes today. The major indexes all closed at the top end of their trading range. More importantly, they close above the T line. This allows the candlestick investor to make very common sense assessments of what was occurring between the Bulls and the Bears. Every time the Bears try to knock the market down, the Bulls step back in and bring it back up above the T line. Probabilities are extremely high on a very simple T line rule. As long as you do not see a candlestick sell signal and a close below the T line, the probabilities indicate the uptrend remains in progress.

Applying those probabilities to individual stock charts allows the candlestick investor to maintain profitable trades without having all the other emotional considerations come into play. Steady uptrend's can be maintained even when emotions make investors want to take profits for no other reason than to take profits. The T line also works very effectively for illustrating when a candlestick signal is going to be produced with an extremely high degree of probability. Candlestick analysis is merely common sense investing practices put into graphics. Utilizing simple human nature indicators along with candlestick signals produce extremely powerful profitable trades as well as taking the emotions out of most investors poor trading habits.



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