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April 12th Market Wrap-Up

A strong day in the markets? Obviously, but there have been strong bullish days in the market over the past two weeks, followed by strong bearish days. Whose in control, the Bulls or the Bears. Although the market indexes are fluctuating radically on a day to day basis, there is one underlying factor that improves a candlestick investors market analysis. The trend, although oscillating dramatically from a day to day basis, is still remaining above the T line. This factor indicates the Bulls are mildly in control. How does this help the candlestick investor? It provides an evaluation/market condition that suggests having a bias toward the long side in the portfolio with continuing successful short positions being maintained.

Which stocks are showing the strongest bullish candlestick charts? Knowing which candlestick signals and patterns provide the highest profit profitability allows candlestick investors to pinpoint which stocks have the strongest upside potential versus which stocks are merely heading higher. Knowing what should occur when witnessing a candlestick signal allows an investor to differentiate between a good profit trade versus a great profit trade set up.

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