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December 26th Market Direction

What sectors are going to be the strongest after the first of the year? You can speculate/anticipate which sectors they may be but candlestick analysis provides a much more concise analysis. It can be assumed that the few weeks prior to the first of the year, most money managers are evaluating what their performance and portfolio have done over the past 12 months. The holidays become the time for them to sit back and assess where they want to make changes. Candlestick analysis provides a very easy evaluation of where funds will be placed going into the first quarter of 2018. The candlestick charts will reveal where the strong buying is occurring. This is not rocket science! This is merely visually analyzing where the strong bullish or bearish signals are being created. Candlestick investors will be able to see immediately where the large institutions

have decided to build positions going into the new year.

The week between Christmas and New Year's is usually relatively lethargic, mainly because many investors are taking a vacation. But candlestick charts provide a very valuable analytical piece of information. There is usually an area that is acting very strong when the markets are showing the lack of any trading activity. Because there are so few big price movements when the volume is relatively low, traders identify which stocks/sectors are getting more than normal buying or selling pressure. Traders migrate to those stocks because of their activity. This acts as a double-edged sword, making the active stocks more active. Candlestick charting reveals those target areas immediately. Very simple scanning techniques allows investors to be participating in the active movers.


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