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December 18th Market Direction

The markets have produced some huge profits this year. Not because there was any proficiency for anticipating which stocks and sectors were going to do the best during the year, but because candlestick analysis immediately reveals where investor sentiment is producing the strongest price moves. Because investor sentiment moves prices in patterns, the same way time after time, the simple visual analysis of what is occurring again in human nature allows the candlestick investor to be in the right positions at the right time. Candlestick signals and patterns produce trade set ups that indicate what is occurring in investor sentiment currently which also leads to expectations of what should follow. The simple fact that prices do not move based upon fundamentals but prices move based upon the perception of fundamentals makes candlestick analysis a very accurate assessment tool for anticipating where the high probability/high profit trades will occur.

What should be expected for the markets this coming year? This question will be asked many times over to many talking heads over the next few weeks. There is only one answer! Nobody knows what's going to happen over the next 12 months. Candlestick analysis allows investors to immediately recognize which stocks/sectors are being bought or being sold. The expected results produces not only high profit trade set ups, but creates a trading program where the probabilities are dramatically in the investors favor. Candlestick analysis works as a very profitable primary trading method. But if an investor already has a successful trading program, overlaying candlestick analysis on top of the charts will dramatically improve the analysis of that trading program. It is simple! Candlestick charts reveal where the strong buying or selling is occurring.


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