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November 27th Market Direction

What is the market telling us? That would be relatively difficult if you based your analysis merely on what the direction of each market index was doing each day. But there is a very simple analytical tool that puts the candlestick investor in the correct trend analysis an extremely high percentage of the time. Although the Dow traded higher today and the NASDAQ traded lower, the simple underlying factor was that the overall market trend is up, based upon the fact that the market indexes are continuing to trade above the T line. This analytical tool takes the guesswork out of knowing what the market in general might be doing.

Each sector/ stocks should be analyzed based upon its own merits. This means during a slow, indecisive market trend, there will be sectors that are moving up strong while other sectors are moving down strong. Simple scanning techniques allow for the identification of not only the direction of specific sectors, but which stocks in those sectors are moving the strongest one way or the other. Because human nature works the same way time after time, the probabilities of being in the right direction at the right time is extremely high for the candlestick investor. Knowing what each pattern illustrates as far as investor perspectives puts the candlestick investor at a great advantage. It clearly illustrates what the actual investor decisions are doing to the price of a trading entity. Understanding what each signal and pattern illustrates, as far as investor sentiment, the expectations of the next price trend is much easier to project based upon historic results.



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