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November 2nd Market Wrap-Up

Accurately assessing the overall market trend using candlestick signals allows investors to participate in pattern breakouts that are going to provide excessive profits. These big breakout moves are based upon identifying the reoccurring patterns that are created by human nature. They act much more effectively when knowing that the overall market trend is not showing any change of investor sentiment in the overall market. This makes identifying and predicting the strong price moves much easier knowing what the reactions/results will be based upon high-powered candlestick signals. The candlestick formations also interpret what is occurring in investor sentiment when there is outside influences, such as the political rhetoric coming out of Washington. Having the ability to evaluate what the reaction of investor sentiment based upon big announcements allows the candlestick investor to react immediately. Profitability in the markets is based upon knowing what to expect due to the information conveyed in specific candlestick signals.

The results of a candlestick signal will more clearly illustrate what is occurring based upon pattern breakouts. This was illustrated by the bullish flutter kicker signal in our recommendation on JUNO. The frypan bottom was evident. The bullish flutter kicker signal set up occurred yesterday. This made knowing what to do immediately on a positive open today to be able to participate in the 20% move in the stock price. The same results are now evident in BLUE. The candlestick investor has the advantage of knowing what the probabilities are of the direction of a move and dramatically improves the probabilities of being in the big price moves. This is all based upon one simple factor. The most consistent price indicator in the world is human emotions. Candlestick signals are merely the graphic depiction of what is occurring in investor sentiment. There is one basic truism in candlestick analysis. The correct assessment of the candlestick signals and patterns consistently put an investors probabilities of being in the right trade at the right time dramatically in their favor.


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