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September 11th Market Direction

What is the major criteria for successful investing? Being able to recognize the best signals for illustrating price movement, and then utilizing the emotional control to take advantage of that analysis. The Candlestick Forum websiteprovides a very powerful teaching function. It exposes investors to high profit/high probability candlestick signals and patterns that have produced huge profits for hundreds of years. Not only do candlestick signals demonstrate a reversal of a price trend, but specific candlestick combinations illustrate when the most powerful new price trends are likely to be in progress. Because of the high probabilities created by candlestick formations, the Candlestick Forum also has an inherent additional benefit, it teaches investors how to invest correctly. This is a trading element that most investors overlook. They are looking for a trading program that will consistently make them money. But they skip over the most basic investment process: learning how to invest successfully.

The strength of candlestick signals produce a much more clear analytical process than any other trading technique. It is the graphic depiction of what is actually occurring in investor's decisions. Utilizing the set of extremely powerful reversal signals provides a source of great potential trades for investors. On any given trading day, simple candlestick scanning techniques will produce numerous high profit trade set ups. But knowing what the top ranked reversal signals are illustrating allows for investors to cultivate the next trades down to the most powerful. Today's positive trading in the Dow and NASDAQ produced two very strong bullish signals. Understanding what these signals represent allows for immediate distribution of the bullish/bearish orientation of an investors portfolio. This analysis allows an investor to constantly have trade positions established where the probabilities are greatly in their favor.




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