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August 31st Market Wrap-Up

Candlestick analysis has a major benefit over all other technical charting techniques. Not only is it more accurate in analyzing when a reversal in a trend has occurred but there are top ranked signals and patterns that demonstrate when a new trend is not only in progress but also going to be an extremely strong price move. That is what has produced  huge profits of the past few days. The market indexes did a bullish left/right combo three trading days ago. This is one of the strongest candlestick reversal signals. Not only are the top ranked candlestick signals and patterns easy to recognize, but understanding the psychology that created those signals gives an investor a huge advantage over other investors. It allows for entering high profit trades immediately well before other trading charting techniques identify a price move. There will always be many good bullish trades once the market starts trading higher. Fortunately for candlestick investors, they can utilize the top ranked candlestick signals to participate in the extremely strong price moves.

Being able to participate in quick price moves of 20%, 30% or greater in just a few trading days becomes a much improved prospect by knowing which pattern setups are about ready to explode. This was evident in numerous candlestick chart patterns over the past few trading days. CLMT was re-recommended based upon a slow curve pattern breakout. This pattern produces big profits in the matter of a very few trading days. NVDA was recommended based upon a Doji sandwich breakout. Having the ability to identify when a candlestick signal/pattern is in the process of breaking out allows the candlestick investor to have the ultimate timing for entering a high profit trade. This becomes more relevant for the day trader or the option trader. The top ranked candlestick signals and patterns can be entered with the ultimate timing for executing the trade and with the expected results being huge price moves.


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