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July 31st Market Direction

The Dow is hitting new all-time highs, the NASDAQ continues to trade lower. This once again defines the nature of this market. Specific stocks and sectors are continuing to trade up while others have reversed and are trading down. These market conditions suggest trading specific stocks and sectors on a much shorter time frame until the overall market produces a consistent trend. The graphics of candlestick charts allow an investor to immediately recognize where shifts have been made, where investors are coming out of specific sectors and going into other sectors. Because candlestick formations are the actual decision-making process for both buying and selling, the candlestick investor can cut through their own emotional hopes or expectations of what a stock price move should do. Recognizing that factor provides the instigation of closing out or holding positions on the time frames that are being illustrated by candlestick reversal signals. This helps identify the expected time frame to hold a position. Sometimes it is three days while other times maybe three weeks, depending on identifying the nature of the overall market trend.




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