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July 13th Market Wrap-Up

Have you ever asked yourself why you never seem to be in the big price moves, the big breakouts? Fortunately, with candlestick chart analysis, you can! There are very simple candlestick chart analysis techniques that allow investors to be in the right place at the right time. The reoccurring perspectives of human nature, which are put into a graphic depiction by candlestick charts, allows an investor to identify when something very bullish is about to occur in a price move. You may not know why or what is about to occur that would produce a big stock price move, but the candlestick charts reveal when somebody knows something. When you understand what the candlestick signals are telling you, as an investor you gain the benefit of analyzing what everybody else's actual buying and selling decisions are demonstrating.

Human nature is very predictable. It becomes even more predictable when visually analyzing candlestick price patterns. Add to that analysis technical levels that are obviously what everybody else is watching, makes the probabilities of being in a positive trade extremely great. The bobble pattern is one of the high probability trades set ups. The candlestick signals easily illustrate when a resistance level is acting as resistance and a support level is acting as a support. The bobble pattern is merely a much more clearly defined J-hook pattern. Whether a stock trader or an options trader, the entry strategy for a bobble pattern creates an extremely high probability that profits are going to be made.





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