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July 10th Market Direction

Sell in May and go away? That is usually the sage advice that many investors use but that is because they do not know how to use candlestick analysis to scan for the best trades in any market condition. Investors that use the excuse that the markets are not tradable during the summer time lose out on tremendous profits. The logic is very simple. Simple candlestick scanning techniques can find the best trades each trading day, or whatever time frame you want to trade, in less than 20 minutes every afternoon. Out of 10,000 trading entities, the candlestick scanning will find at least 5, 10, 15, or more good trade set ups every day, way more than most investors need. This puts investors in a very advantageous situation. With that many good trade potentials, they can be cultivated to where an investor can pinpoint the best one or two trade situations.

Strong candlestick trades are identified by the graphic depiction of investor sentiment. Once an investor recognizes which trade set ups are the strongest, they have the ability to constantly put their portfolio positions in the highest probability/high profit set ups. This dramatically improves overall returns. When an existing position start showing signs of profit-taking or consolidation, even though it has not produced a candlestick sell signal, and iffy position can be closed out and those funds moved to a much higher probability trade. This cultivation process continually improves an investors prospects for being in the best trades.



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