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June 26th Market Direction

Candlestick charts provide a very simple trend analysis tool. Each individual candlestick signal and patterns are produced by the accumulative decision-making. Candlestick charts have one main powerful aspect. It allows candlestick investors to move their funds to the sectors/stocks that are showing the strongest signals and strength. This produces a very useful cultivation process for showing when to close out some positions because they have lost bullish strength and move investment funds to the stronger chart patterns. This cultivation process dramatically improves an investors probabilities of making profits based upon the simple scanning techniques that allows an investor to choose from numerous good chart patterns and pinpoint the strongest patterns. This is based upon having more trade possibilities than most investors will be able to utilize. Currently the strongest sector is the biotech and drug sector. This becomes very evident when analyzing the ETF's that represent each sector. LABU demonstrated a strong breakout last week, alerting investors to the biotech sector being a very viable trading area. Then each stock in that sector could be quickly analyzed to see which were showing the strongest chart patterns.

This process puts the probabilities of being in the correct trade at the correct time dramatically in the candlestick investor's favor. It allows for analyzing when all the stars are in alignment. This includes knowing the general direction of the overall market, followed by quick visual scans of which sectors are acting the strongest, followed by analyzing those sectors for the strongest individual stock charts. This process can be done very quickly each day and makes portfolio of stocks situated in chart patterns where the probabilities of the majority of positions will produce profits.


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