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June 22nd Market Wrap-Up

The market indexes maintain their slow steady uptrend as long as the bullish trading continues above the T line. This type of market condition allows for big profits on candlestick pattern breakouts. This is clearly evident when analyzing

LABU, the biotech leveraged ETF. Not only did this chart show a strong breakout of a trend channel but it also alerts the candlestick investor to investigate/scan for the best biotech's stock trades. Candlestick charts provide to major benefits. First, it identifies which stocks/sectors are moving the strongest based upon simple chart graphic analysis. Secondly, it not only identifies which trading entities are moving in the right direction but candlestick charts also illustrate which price moves are going to be the strongest. This is based upon the consistent reaction of investor sentiment. All boats rise in a rising tide! But candlestick analysis identifies which of those boats are going to rise much faster.

Knowing which signals produce the strongest reversals allows the candlestick investor to have funds placed in positions that produce the highest probability of big profits. That was illustrated in our recommendation on VRX. The trend reversals started with a bullish flutter kicker signal, one of the strongest candlestick reversal signals. Because of the graphics of candlestick charts, not only could it be identified that it was going to have a strong price move, it was very easy to see what the first target was going to be based upon knowing what everybody else was watching. This not only allows for good stock trades, but it provides better applications of option strategies that will maximize profitability while minimizing risk. Candlestick charts merely represent what occurs on a reoccurring basis in human nature with a high degree of probability. You can apply candlestick charts to any trading program and it will enhance the visual analysis.


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