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April 27th Market Wrap-Up

Candlestick signals and patterns not only illustrate high probability price trend reversals, they also reveal which trend reversals will usually have the most powerful price moves. Simple visual indicators allow the candlestick investor to identify which trades have the highest probability of moving positive and moving positive with the prospects of the biggest price moves. The visual information provided by a candlestick chart utilizes the most consistent reoccurring information, normal investor reactions. This information can be clearly seen in the recent breakouts of the indexes. The way the breakout's occurred allows investors to much more easily assess the strength of the new wave movement. A major benefit of candlestick analysis is that it can be applied to any trading strategy investors are utilizing and improve the results dramatically.

The gap up breakouts of the indexes showed a continued bullish strength in the overall market conditions. Knowing the general direction of the market indexes allows candlestick investors to take advantage of the strongest individual stock chart patterns. It allows for establishing the correct positions in a portfolio that have the best probabilities of producing strong overall returns. Utilizing the information that is conveyed in the graphics of human nature allows investors to trade any market or trading entities. The J-hook pattern created a very high probability/high profit trade in June live cattle. Breaking out of a J-hook pattern resistance level makes for an extremely high probability trades set up. The past two trading days have demonstrated live cattle moving up the limit.

You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst to use the visual information built into candlestick charts. The charts are created by simple common sense perspectives that normally occur in investor sentiment when it comes to investing. The visual elements of candlestick charts allows investors to sift through all the political and financial/Wall Street rhetoric for when to be entering and exit trades. Candlestick charts show you exactly what is occurring in investor sentiment.



Good Investing,

The Candlestick Forum Team

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