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April 10th Market Direction

Sideways moving markets amplify the benefit of candlestick scanning techniques. Obviously a trending market, whether bullish or bearish, improves the probabilities when long or short. Candlestick scanning techniques make it very easy to find high profit trades even during sideways moving markets. Having the ability to identify high profit reversal signals and patterns allows a candlestick investor to pinpoint which stocks/sectors are moving when the market in general is not moving. Simple logic, out of 10,000 trading entities, candlestick scanning identifies which chart patterns are working most effectively without the influence of the overall market trend. The principle is simple!

Human nature works the same way time after time. The signals and patterns that human nature constantly produces can be easily seen in candlestick charts. No matter what trading strategy an investor is using, merely overlaying candlestick charts to the analysis of a trading strategy will make price movements much more clear to analyze.

There are 12 major signals in candlestick analysis out of the 50 or 60 signals in the candlestick universe. The kicker signal is one of the strongest of the 12 major signals. It reveals there has been a drastic change of investor sentiment. The appearance of a candlestick kicker signal produces a high probability that a new trend will be in progress. Utilizing the information revealed graphically on a candlestick chart allows an investor to be participating in trade set ups that consistently produce high probabilities of high profits.

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