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February 13th Market Direction

The candlestick breakout pattern that occurred last week in the Dow and S&P 500 provides extremely valuable information. It illustrates that there has not been any change of investor sentiment, the Bulls maintain control. How does this help the candlestick investor? Obviously all boats are going to rise in a rising tide. But the candlestick investor has the advantage of knowing what candlestick pattern breakout's are going to produce inordinate profits. A bull market is going to create numerous uptrending stocks. The candlestick investor has the advantage to see which stocks have price pattern breakout's that are going to produce huge profits. Candlestick patterns have expected results. As illustrated in our recommendations of INFN, CLF, and AAOI, the results of these breakout moves create inordinately large profits compared to merely an uptrending stock trend.

Price patterns as seen in OCUL, the scoop pattern, have many identifiable attributes to indicate this will produce a very large uptrend. The breakout through the and/or the scoop pattern, confirmed with a bullish candle confirming a series of Doji's up through the T-line, followed by a gap up through the 50 day moving average, and now trading above the handle, produces a multi-indicator trade set up that has an extremely high probability of producing not only a profitable trade but extremely high profit trade. Utilizing the candlestick signals and patterns allows for taking advantage of a market trend, producing numerous high profit trades as long as the uptrend does not show any major change of investor sentiment. This is the process of putting the probabilities are greatly in one's favor when they have their investment dollars on the line.

Candlestick analysis works for all trading entities. It is merely the graphics depiction of human nature. As illustrated in our February lean hog trade, $1300 of trading equity produce $6200 of profit over the last two weeks merely by participating in bullish candlestick signals that produced a breakout of wave two/Wedge formation. The simple visual analysis of human nature produces a trading program that constantly puts the candlestick investor in the right positions at the right time.


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Good Investing,

The Candlestick Forum Team

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