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January 9th Market Direction

ARIA one of our recommendations on December 28, not because there was a suspicion, anticipation, or knowledge of something happening, but because the candlestick signal demonstrated there was strong bullish sentiment. The whole point of learning what candlestick signals are illustrating is allowing an investor to see what all the other investors are actually doing as far as executing trades. Not subjective speculation! The chart patterns are the graphics of a major change of investor sentiment. LABU is still moving positive based upon a re-occurring pattern of investor sentiment, a bullish Doji sandwich. Candlestick signals and patterns are the graphic representation of the accumulative knowledge of everybody buying and selling. We may not know why they are buying or selling, but we do not 'have' to know the reasons. We just need to know what they are doing. You do not have to be a fundamental analyst or pay big dollars for fundamental research. The candlestick charts reveal the decisions that have been made by everybody that has already done their fundamental research and then made their decisions to buy or sell a position. The graphics of candlestick's reveal the buying strength or selling weakness in any trading entity, based upon the decisions of everybody buying and selling that entity. This puts the candlestick investor in the correct positioning based upon buying and selling pressure.

Today's trading showed the NASDAQ continuing to trade higher while the Dow traded lower. This combination merely illustrates that there is shifting in sectors in the markets, not necessarily any major change of investor sentiment. Although these conditions are not showing an overall movement in the majority of stock prices, simple candlestick scanning techniques allow investors to pinpoint which sectors/stocks are moving with the most strength.


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