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December 8th Market Wrap-Up

The major profitable aspect that produce powerful profits from candlestick analysis is identifying trend movements. Not only does candlestick analysis identify what the overall market direction will be, it can be utilized to identify which sectors will act the strongest. Putting all the stars in alignment then includes identifying which are the strongest stock positions in each sector. Because candlestick analysis is a visual analysis, investors can see immediately what is occurring in investor sentiment. This allows for participating in high profit trade moves immediately. There is no specified percentage move or number of bullish trading days to confirm a trend is in progress. The confirmation of a candlestick signal is from the visual identification of bullish trading confirming the signal. This is on the basis that the Japanese Rice traders provided the expectations of what should occur after identifying a candlestick reversal signal.

The strong reversal signals and patterns allows the candlestick investor to be in the appropriate positions during an uptrend or during the downtrend. Obviously, the last four weeks have shown very strong bullish sentiment. Investor sentiment was easily identified from candlestick formations upon the results of the election. Not every stock/sector became bullish. However, simple candlestick scanning techniques allow for the identification of which sectors would perform the strongest. You do not have to be a sophisticated analyst, interpreting what will happen based upon current events. Candlestick charts allow you to identify what everybody has identified as the best places to have their money based upon their analysis. Simply stated, candlestick charts allow for seeing what everybody else's analysis has resulted.


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