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December 1 Market Wrap-Up

What moves prices/markets? Investor sentiment! Candlestick analysis allows investors to analyze the obvious with a much more clear assessment. The obvious is that the markets like the results of the elections. Political commentary has never earned anybody a single dollar when it comes to investing. However, the results of elections and/or political decisions can be much more easily evaluated from the graphics of candlestick charts. The results of Trump being elected has produced very bullish sentiment in the markets. With the markets go straight up? Obviously not! But using candlestick analysis allows the candlestick investor to anticipate what price movements will occur when observing a strong price move. Candlestick signals and patterns will indicate when profit-taking is occurring, or when a full-scale reversal has occurred. More concisely, candlestick charts clearly reveal which sectors/stocks are going to perform better both on the short term as well as the long-term. Simple scanning techniques allow for the identification of which sectors are producing high profit investment results. This involves both bullish chart patterns as well as bearish chart patterns.


Analyzing the charts of specific sectors is becoming more important. The NASDAQ is pulled back pretty hard today at the same time the Dow continues to trade positive. This clearly illustrates that specific sectors oriented toward the NASDAQ are selling off hard while other sectors in other indexes continue to maintain their strength. This makes the clarity of candlestick charting that much more crucial. It is now very profitable to have both long and short positions, based upon allocating to specific sectors, in the portfolio.


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