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November 28th Market Direction

The graphics of candlestick signals and patterns clearly illustrate when there is a change of investor sentiment. That can be demonstrated in the market trend over the past two weeks. The indecisive nature of the markets were clear over the past four months, one day up, the next day down, the overall trend moving sideways since mid July. Not only did it become clear when there had been a major change of investor sentiment in the overall market, but candlestick charting techniques made it very simple to see which sectors were benefiting from a change of a political administration. The candlestick investor does not need to try to anticipate what a major event will do to a price/trend condition. The candlestick investor has the advantage of visually analyzing what investor sentiment is doing as a result of an event. The candlestick investor does not have to rely on analyzing what will happen.

The candlestick investor has the graphic advantage of analyzing what everybody else's analysis has decided. Because candlestick's are the graphics depiction of human nature, simple trend analysis tools allows investors to identify when a price move has a high probability of performing as well as having the ability to see when a price move will continue before any profit-taking occurs. Once an investor learns how to utilize the information built into a candlestick chart, the probabilities of not only producing profitable trades but high profit trades dramatically improve.


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