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November 14th Market Direction

The visual information Incorporated into candlestick charts makes analyzing when there has been a major change of investor sentiment much more easily identifiable. The big price move last week was the first time in months that investor sentiment had shown a pronounced conviction one way or the other. The continuation of the bullish move after the election clearly indicated that investor sentiment was not hesitant about committing funds to the market anymore. The markets do not like indecision. After the election, a major element of doubt was eliminated. Now investors could make an assessment of what to do with funds based upon a known criteria. Not all sectors are participating in this rally. Candlestick analysis clearly indicates which sectors favor a Trump election, and which sectors are reacting negative to the Trump election.

The magnitude of the profitable sectors were quickly and easily identified. Strong buy signals in the steel stocks and the construction stocks was evident. The transportation index is illustrating a much more favorable economic conditions. This area has produced excessive profits as seen in strong bullish signals and patterns. Huge moves as seen in the DRYS chart illustrates the commitment from the Bulls that has not been experienced in the markets since June. The candlestick charts allow for pinpointing which sectors are going to be the most profitable.


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