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November 3rd Market Wrap-Up


Do you know what the elections were due to the market trend? Do you know anybody that knows what the elections were due to the market trend? Probably not! But does it matter? The benefit of candlestick analysis is that it illustrates what everybody's investor sentiment decisions are telling you. The past few months have been absolutely sideways during this market trend. Fortunately for the candlestick investor, the results of investor sentiment can be illustrated very clearly. The reason for price trends to move up or down is not important. The results of investor sentiment analysis is what makes you money.

Over the past few months, it has been very difficult to make money because of the indecisive oscillation of individual stocks during an indecisive market. Fortunately, candlestick analysis allows investors to see which sectors/stocks are producing consistent trends, thus consistent profits. That has been illustrated in the biotech sector. Because the ETF's can be correctly analyzed, it also allows for bigger profits to be made with individual stocks in a sector. Maintaining a position, not influenced by the whipsaw actions that have been experienced over the past three months, is based on very simple candlestick confirming indicators. The biotech's are a prime example, once they started showing sell signals and closing below the T-line, consistent profits have been made be in short biotech stocks.



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