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October 27th Market Wrap-Up

The indecisive nature of the market is making candlestick signals and confirmation indicators much more critical for successful investing. The nature of the market can be seen in numerous individual stock charts. Very few stock prices have demonstrated consistent trends. This makes it very difficult to produce consistent profits because of the vast oscillation of individual stock price. How do you make money in these market conditions? That is where utilizing the T-line helps investors stay in or get out of positions. Candlestick graphics illustrate how buying and selling makes market conditions extremely flat on a day to day basis. When the amount of profitable trades start diminishing dramatically because there is no consistency in investor sentiment, the T-line becomes a major factor.


Numerous sectors have shown good strength, only to be negated two or three days later. Candlestick signals in conjunction with the T-line allow investors to close out what looked like to be potentially profitable trades at a breakeven or a small loss. At the same time the relatively few sectors that have moved consistently in one direction or another have been maintained by very simple T-line analysis. The biotech sector is produced large profits by maintaining short positions. This was done by a very simple candlestick analysis function.


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