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Basic Stock Trading

Basic stock trading is a recipe for success, even in today's complicated stock market . Basic stock trading requires both fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. Technical analysis of stocks using Candlestick stock charts provides traders with clear and accurate signals. Candlestick analysis allows traders to identify known stock price patterns to a volatile market. By doing so traders are able to profitably anticipate the upward and downward movement of stock prices , options prices, and futures prices on stocks . Fundamental analysis in basic stock trading provides traders with a clear view of a stock’s potential, both upward and downward. However, the market discounts stock fundamentals as soon as they are known, leaving technical analysis as the tool of choice for basic stock trading.

Regarding basic stock trading we mean the basics of buying stock and selling stock . Traders can use the tools of basic stock trading like both technical and fundamental analysis in trading derivatives, for example. However, no matter how complicated a trading strategy is, it is based on sound basic stock trading. Besides analyzing when to buy or sell stocks with Candlestick patterns , basic trading relies upon tactics for management of investment risk , diversifying a stock portfolio whether for short or long term trades, as well as the use of stop loss orders and limit orders in general.

Traders limit risk in basic stock trading by limiting the amount put a risk in each stock trade. Traders limit the risk of trading by diversifying their trades over several stocks or stocks in several market sectors. This trading strategy is similar to diversifying a stock portfolio in long term investing . In doing so a trader may miss out on having all of his money in the trade of the year and may also avoid losing all of his trading and investment capital in in one bad day of trading. However, the best way to limit risk in stock trading is to have a clear picture of what stocks are likely to do next. Traders using Candlestick pattern formations as their guide can have a clear view of market trends and when a market reversal is likely to occur.

Basic stock trading online includes the use of trailing stops and basic stock trading through a broker includes the use of limit orders. When a trader uses a well-defined and well executed trading strategy he avoids falling prey to greed and fear in his trading. By setting limits at which he will buy stock or sell stock he limits his risk. By using trailing stops in online trading he protects himself from a rapid stock price turn around. When a stock opens the trading day it may gap up or down from its closing price on the previous day. In this case limit orders may be useless as the stock price may start the day past the limit given by the trader. This is a good reason for day traders looking to profit from short term market moves to close out positions at the end of the day. The use of technical analysis tools like Candlestick signals allows traders to enter and exit the potentially most lucrative trades as fundamental to basic stock trading.

Market Direction: Profit-taking! How do you distinguish between profit-taking and a reversal? That is a benefit provided by candlestick analysis. If a bullish signal reveals the start of an uptrend, a bearish signal will reveal the end of an uptrend. Today, the Dow formed a mild bearish engulfing signal. Does this signify the uptrend was over? Obviously, there are other indicators that need to be evaluated to determine whether the signal was occurring in the appropriate conditions. Knowing what should occur are based upon the signals and confirming indicators allows investors to make large profits whether the market is pulling back from a true reversal or just a temporary profit-taking situation.

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