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When to Sell Stock

Is now when to sell stock? The market had fallen a bit on the news of reduced industrial production from China to Europe and North America. When to sell stock is when one expects stock prices to fall. When to sell stock is before a market correction , and not afterwards. Investors and traders follow stock fundamentals and engage in technical analysis of stocks . The value of Candlestick analysis in this regard is that the use of Japanese Candlesticks removes emotion and guesswork from the equation. Because stock price patterns repeat themselves they are predictable. A Candlestick pattern can tell us that stock prices are likely to rise or to fall. The generalized fall in industrial production worldwide has many investors spooked. This can be a dangerous situation for the individual investor or trader. Fear and greed are the demons that plague the psychology of trading and investing. A fearful investor or trader may sit out potentially advantageous trades or sell stock just before it bottoms out and starts upward in a new market rally .

Using Candlestick charting , traders can profit by buying at the bottom of a price curve or selling stock at the top of a price curve. Many investors using fundamental analysis believe that when to sell stock is shortly before the top of a price curve as the fundamentals never predict a price turn around and new bear market with complete accuracy. Those who add Candlestick pattern formations to their tool chest can fine tune the accuracy of their predictions and sell stock more profitably by purchasing a stock closer to its turnaround.

There are many fundamental factors driving the stock market today. A terrible natural disaster has wreaked havoc in Japan. Civil war rages in the North African country of Libya and threatens to break out in Syria. Civil unrest has spread throughout the Middle East as the result of the peaceful removal of thirty year strongman Hosni Mubarak from power in Egypt. Now we see that May industrial production figures are down across the industrialized world. Economic stimulus programs mean to keep credit flowing and create jobs have not lifted the world out of the recession and high unemployment threatens to become the norm for years to come. In the midst of these many US stocks are prospering as companies pile up cash on healthy profits. In such complex situations analysis of fundamentals often fails the trader. Many use options trading as protection against the risks of market volatility , market reversal , and uncertain market trends . When to sell stock in this market is when the trader believes that prices will fall farther. How to sell stocks in this market is with the assistance of Candlestick chart formations . By the use of Candlestick chart patterns the trader can remove fear and anxiety from the trading equation. Using clear and easy to read Candlestick signals allows the trader or investor to gain market insight at a glance in seeking to understand when to buy stock and when to sell stock in todayfs uncertain markets.

Market Direction: The components of a market bottom are much more clearly evident when using candlestick signals. That evidence can be added into the evaluation of what is occurring on days like we witnessed today. The fast hard selling on the open took the Dow back down to to the recent lows. This occurred after the stochastics had been moving in an uptrend over the past week and a half. This provided evidence that today's selling was likely a knee-jerk reaction to current news. It created buying opportunities knowing what type of candlestick reversal signals could be created in these market conditions.


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Commodity traders - Candlestick signals not only reveal when a possible change of investor sentiment has occurred but they work as excellent alerts for confirming what is actually speculation maybe implying. Quite often, prices move in opposite directions of what the general consensus thinking is doing. Candlestick signals allows an investor to participate in profitable trades based upon what the true price movements are doing.

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