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Strategic Stock Trading

Strategic stock trading is a rational approach to buying stocks , selling stocks, buying options , selling options , selling short and more. Strategic stock trading starts with setting goals and deciding upon a time horizon. Then strategic stock trading moves on from a general overview of what stocks to trade and how to trade them to progressively more specifics. Strategic stock trading looks at the big picture in picking stocks with growth potential, a margin of safety , and intrinsic stock value. Most importantly, strategic stock trading makes use of technical analysis with tools like Candlestick stock charts in order to optimize stock prices at which investors or traders buy or sell.

There are two basic halves to strategic stock trading. One is the knowledge base needed and the other is the skill set required. Traders must learn the basics of the stock market , how to do fundamental analysis of stocks , and how to take useful information from the stock market news , financial reports, and other information sources. Then, in order to successfully trade stocks , the individual must learn how to time his stock trades , effectively use Candlestick signals like the Doji Candlestick in order to anticipate stock price direction, and trade in a disciplined manner to avoid letting the psychology of investing get the better of him.

In strategic stock trading the trader develops a trading plan, trades according to the plan, and routinely reviews his results. He manages investment risk with stock trading tools such as options trading . At all times the trader keeps in mind the overall goals and time horizon. For example a person interested only in long term investing will not buy extremely volatile stocks. A person with a shorter time horizon may well invest in more risky stocks if they have the potential for substantial profits. Also a day trader will typically search out stock volatility as he will often trade minute by minute using Candlestick analysis to look for potential stock price movement.

To be successful in strategic stock trading the trader must remind himself of the differences between strategy and tactics. Tactics, short term plans, are often not successful if not directed by an overall strategy. However, a trading strategy is empty without daily tactics. The point of strategic stock trading is to develop and follow investing and trading plans. It is to manage risk in such a way as to maintain investment capital . In daily stock trading the trader abides by his overall strategy in picking stocks, choosing whether to trade options or stocks directly, and whether to look for long term value or market volatility. Within the parameters set by his overall strategy the trader will pick individual stocks, choose buying puts or buying calls , or choose to sit out a questionable trade. He will follow stocks with Candlestick patterns and use evolving patterns to find potential profit in stocks. He will use his strategy as an overall guide and his tactics to deal with the specifics of stock trading.

Market Direction:

Making consistent profits with candlestick signals is merely the common sense alignment of information. This is what the two day candlestick training establishes in an investors mind. Each signal demonstrates a characteristic of investor sentiment during a specific time frame. When that information is assembled in an orderly fashion, the investor greatly enhances their ability to be in the right trades at the right time. The CandlestickForum two day training makes analyzing the general market trend very easy to evaluate. Finding the signal setups that produce in order a strong profits is merely a common sense visual analysis. Candlestick analysis allows for sensible and effective stop loss processes. Easy entry and exit strategies keep investors from getting into bad trades and demonstrates when it is time to take profits in good trades. Learn how to eliminate emotional trading with simple money management techniques. Learn how to scan for the best trade setups each day in less than 20 min. each afternoon. June 11 and 12th, this weekend, has an opportunity to look at investing from a successful point of view. Learn how to invest like a seasoned pro without having to go through decades of hard knocks. There is still time to sign up for this educational training.


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