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Stock Investment Profits

Are stock investment profits limited to specific occasions or are they more widely available? This has to do with long term investing versus short term investing or even day trading. Stock investment profits come from two factors, dividends and changes in stock price. There are dividend stocks that have paid dividends for decades and even more than a century. However, the stock investment profits solely from dividend stocks usually cannot compete with the investment profits with strong growth stocks. Thus it is with the change in stock prices that both investors and traders can best gain stock investment profits. So, you want to make stock investment profits. What stocks do you invest in? When do you invest? Do you buy and hold or do you buy stock at the bottom of a price curve and sell stock when its value peaks? If you are interested in trading stocks instead of adding stocks to your stock portfolio for the long term, selling short can be profitable in a falling market. Using technical analysis with tools like Candlestick analysis gives the trader or investor a clear and accurate view of market sentiment. Combine the use of Candlestick charting with fundamental analysis of stocks looking for a low price to earnings ratio, a strong margin of safety, and forwarding looking intrinsic stock value and the investor or day trader has a good recipe for stock investment profits.

But, how does an investor find stocks that are amenable to making stock investment profits? It is possible to simply watch the stock market news for stocks that are active. The basic thinking behind technical trading is that any changes in the fundamentals of a stock are very quickly discounted by the market. That means that the price of the stock rises or falls as soon as the news hits. Where traders can make stock investment profits in these situations in the market inefficiency that typically follows a quick change in stock price based upon breaking news. For example it is possible for traders to make money trading bad news gaps. In this situation news breaks when the markets are closed. The opening bids on the stock will be substantially less than the stockfs previous closing price. With a well thought out and rehearsed trading strategy one can profitably buy or sell based upon Candlestick pattern formations.

The long term investor looks for stock investment profits from rising stock prices. The trader can glean stock investment profits from both rising and falling stocks. By the use of Candlestick chart analysis a trader can successfully anticipate stock price movement and profit thereby. The trader often has an advantage over the long term investor in that he is not emotionally attached to long held stocks. The trader will assess stock potential based upon technical analysis and buy or sell based on probabilities. The trader can make his stock investment profits in both up and down markets.

Market Direction: 

How do you correctly analyze the direction of the market? Fortunately with candlestick signals, that becomes a relatively easy process. Each major signal provides information to the candlestick investor. That information was derived from centuries of observations and profitable usage of candlestick signals. What makes learning how to use candlestick analysis relatively easy is the fact that the signals are based upon common sense. This allows for high probability trade executions and trend analysis.

June 11 and 12th - Two day training on how to use candlestick signals successfully. A few weeks ago, Steve Bigalow presented a three-hour training session on the major signals. This $497 training was FREE for the Candlestick Forum members. Having an understanding of how each of the major signals are formed through investor sentiment allows for very high probability trades setups. The accumulation of candlestick signals make identifying high profit patterns very easy. The signals allow for accurate trend analysis of the major indexes. Expected results after signals make entry and exit strategies much more profitable. The two day training delves into each one of these topics in great detail. Also, investors will learn money management techniques that reduce emotional decisions, how to scan for the most successful trades and less than 20 min. each afternoon, and how to effectively use confirming indicators to improve the probabilities of be any in a correct trade.

These training sessions are not theoretical approaches. You will learn the nuts and bolts of using candlestick signals successfully. Do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the small nuances that affect price movement. Utilizing candlestick signals continually puts the probabilities in favor of the investors. Seats are limited for this online training session. Sign up now. Do not miss the opportunity to learn how to analyze and invest like a seasoned pro. Click here for details

Most investors do not lose money in the markets based upon their trading program, they lose money because they let their emotions override their analysis. There are two major hurdles for learning how to invest correctly. The first is being confident with the trading program you have decided to use. Fortunately, candlestick analysis eliminates the fear that you might be learning a trading process that does not really work. Candlestick analysis does work! If not, we would not be looking at it after hundreds of years of use.

The biggest hurdle most investors have to overcome is their own emotions. The human psyche gets skewed very quickly when our own money is on the line. It is a very difficult process to train the human mind to be buying at the correct times and selling at the correct times. If you want to discover how to get past the mental flaws that are keeping you from making consistent profits in the market, Mark your calendar for the August private training session on Keuka Lake. This is where you can delve into your own mind and discover what might be keeping you from making consistent profits in the market. Candlestick analysis works! It's learning how to use that information correctly that makes a successful investor.

Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET, Everyone is welcome!

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