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When beginning investing in the stock market it would be nice to have a clear and concise book about investing in stock, Stocks for Dummies. Stocks for Dummies would cover stock investing basics in the first chapter. It would cover fundamental analysis of stocks in the second chapter and technical analysis of stocks in the third. Stocks for Dummies would move on to details of how to determine a stock’s margin of safety and its intrinsic stock value. Once Stocks for Dummies had covered these basics it would introduce Candlestick analysis, the clear and easy to read tool for technical analysis of stocks. Stocks for Dummies would take both new traders and investors through trading options on stocks, online trading, and how to develop a stock trading strategy versus how to engage in long term investing. This clear and concise book would provide clear examples of investing and trading scenarios with commentary by experienced investors and traders. In an ideal world one could sign up for a Stocks for Dummies forum in which one could receive periodic information about online seminars, available stock coaching, and weekly newsletters. Then again, one might just go ahead and join Candlestick Forum and gain all of this with special emphasis on how to use Candlestick stock charts and Candlestick trading tactics to profit in the stock market.

In short, think of Candlestick Forum as your Stocks for Dummies book and a lot more. The director and editor of The Candlestick Forum is Stephen W. Bigalow. Mr. Bigalow has had over twenty-five years of investment experience, including eight years as a stockbroker with major Wall Street firms: Kidder Peabody & Company, Cowen & Company and Oppenheimer & Company. He has traded commodities for fifteen years and hold business and economics degrees from Cornell University where he subsequently lectured. Using his depth of experience in stock investing and trading Mr. Bigelow provides both beginning and experienced investors and traders with a wealth of information and opportunity to learn and hone their skills at investing and trading in many equity arenas. With readily available information on both Candlestick basics and more advanced Candlestick patterns, Candlestick Forum provides stock traders and stock investors of all degrees of experience and skill a place to go for information and to enhance their skill sets.

The Stocks for Dummies approach at Candlestick Forum provides beginners with the information necessary to enter the worlds of stock investing and stock trading. It provides the learner with concrete examples by following Stephen W. Bigelow’s stock picks and in depth commentary from Mr. Bigelow on a variety of subjects necessary to successful navigation of the stock market as well as other investing arenas. So, if you are looking for you Stocks for Dummies book think about a membership in Candlestick Forum where both beginner and experienced trader come together to stay current on the facts of the stock market and hone their skills in fundamental and technical analysis. Come to Candlestick Forum and learn about the Doji Candlestick and other valuable tools for assessing market sentiment and profitably anticipating stock price changes.

Market Direction:


The appearance of a candlestick signal has significant ramifications. The signals have been identified throughout the centuries to indicate there has been a change of investor sentiment. But how do you evaluate a selling day in an uptrend where everything has sold off significantly? The analysis remains very simple. A candlestick reversal signal, in an uptrend, has significant meaning. A selling day in an uptrend, that is not a candlestick reversal signal, also has some relevant meaning. As witnessed in the Dow yesterday, the markets sold off relatively hard. The markets had been moving back up in a bullish trend. What did the selling day yesterday signify? There will be pullback days in up trends. If yesterday's pattern/signal formation had any relevance as far as affecting the trend price, the Japanese Rice traders would have explainrd  its meaning centuries ago.


Candlestick investors can use the signals to their advantage. They can also use the knowledge that the lack of a signal has a different meaning. Yesterday's selling was merely a selling day during an uptrend. As noted in today's trading, most of the selling of yesterday was offset, indicating the uptrend is still in progress. Understanding what makes the 12 major signals work so efficiently for identifying trend reversals allows an investor also evaluate accurately that a trend has not reverse when a selling day does not produce a candlestick reversal signal.

Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET .- Identify which chart patterns have the greatest prospects if this uptrend continues for another week or more. Next Thursday night, Tina Logan will be the guest speaker. Mark your calendars. She is an excellent speaker and has very good information for investors that are trying to learn their own their own correct trading platform.

Saturday morning, May 14, a one hour presentation will be made by Sandra Moon. Her extensive research into the "garbage to energy" industry has uncovered some cutting edge technology. Join us in this informational session looking into investment opportunities in an area that is getting very favorable funding from the US government. Join us at 9:30 PM central time, 10:30 PM Eastern time. Join us in the chat room and the password will be c444 for Saturday only.

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