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Taking an online stock options seminar is a good means of getting grounded in the basics for the beginner in trading options. An online stock options seminar is also useful as a refresher for the old hand at trading stock options. For both beginning traders and those experienced in stock option trading an online training webinar will allow for the precise questions and exact answers that lead to profitable stock options trading. A Candlestick Forum boot camp is also an excellent tool for ramping up options trading skills. Learning the basic Candlestick patterns will allow the trader to anticipate market trends and market reversal. By doing so the trader will be able to profit by appropriately buying calls or buying puts and selling calls or selling puts depending upon anticipated stock price movement.

No one is ever finished learning the art of trading stock options. There are not only new options products to learn but stock fundamentals and technical market factors to keep up with. Keeping up with the market for underlying equities can be a full time job in itself. Keeping up with upgrades in trading software is another time consuming task for the options trader. Amid these tasks of upgrading fundamental and technical analysis of underlying stocks a wise options trader will constantly refresh his skills in the time honored technical analysis techniques of Candlestick charting. An online stock options seminar involving the use of Candlestick pattern formations and Candlestick trading tactics will be a useful and time-efficient means of maintaining the skills necessary from profitable options trading.

An online stock options seminar solidly based upon Candlestick basics will help traders simplify trading strategies, not complicate them. The object of an online options webinar is to teach and refresh knowledge of the effective use of Candlestick signals in options trading. With a refreshed view of Candlestick principles and full of practical advice applicable to day to day trading the trader will be able to return from an online stock options webinar to trading with a fresh view of how to consistently obtain profits from options trading.

Options trading offers the buyer of options a means of leveraging his money. In options trading the buyer pays for the option to purchase or sell a stock at a given price, the strike price, no matter how high or low the stock price goes. If the stock price moves contrary to expectations the worst the trader will do is to lose the price of the premium paid. If, through the use of effective Candlestick charting techniques, the trader correctly anticipates stock price movement he can buy or sell at the strike price depending upon whether he is purchasing a call or a put on the stock. His profit will be the difference between strike price and current spot price if he exercises the contract. However, he can simply exit the option position and profit from selling the same option on the same expiration date for a higher premium price. The trader will often make as much money as if he had briefly owned the stock but will only have spent the price of the premium in options investing.

Market Direction: There are some very simple indicators that reveal a trend in the markets are still in progress. One simple analytical tool is the movement of the Dow/S&P 500 in lignment with the movement of the NASDAQ. Tuesday's trading revealed very strong days in both the Dow and the NASDAQ. The assessment from that situation is very simple. The uptrend was remaining in progress. They were bringing both indexes well above the tee line. On days like yesterday, evaluating what the trend may be doing may be a little bit more difficult. There was the expected profit-taking, this occurring usually after any strong day in the market. However, the Dow finished the day slightly positive, revealing the Bulls were still participating in the market. The NASDAQ sold off relatively hard. It came back and tested the tee line, selling off with significant strength. Today, the NASDAQ revealed good strength while the Dow sold off reasonably hard. The result of this analysis is that money was not coming out of the market, it was just shifting. Obviously, the market is having a difficult time establishing a very strong trend. The sideways mode is still the predominant feature.


Fortunately for candlestick investors, a sideways mode market continues to produce high profit situations. Until the markets produce a severe sell situation, Jay-hook patterns and Fry Pan Bottom breakouts will produce excellent returns. It may not occur in every pattern situation but the probabilities become extremely favorable of being in a situation where a high profit trade can be made. Candlestick signals and patterns produce the visual evidence of a buildup of investor sentiment. The results can be easily identified as to whether a breakout has occurred or the trade did not work. This allows the practice of cutting your losses short and letting your profits run.


Having the ability to identify where strong price moves may be developing creates a huge advantage for where to place the best potential option trades. Some candlestick chart patterns also reveal where the next majored move should go to. This becomes very important information for establishing the correct option trade to the appropriate chart pattern. Knowing when to put on a call spread versus buying calls out right can greatly enhance your percentage returns while at the same time minimizing the risk to market exposure. Knowing what a potential price move can do during a specific time frame also allows an investor to decide whether buying a bullish call spread or selling a bullish put spread is more appropriate.

The Candlestick Forum Ooption Training session allows investors to see how to successfully establish option trades and a completely different light. Take advantage of the information you can gain from one of these training sessions.

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