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One of the most effective means for traders to learn how to profitably buy stock and sell stock is through an interactive stock training class. Although there are many ways for someone beginning investing in the stock market to get basic stock market training an interactive stock training class allows for the give and take that is so important in learning how to trade stocks or trade options on stocks. Learning the 12 basic Candlestick analysis signals for effective technical stock trading will take some time reading and practicing in simulation. However, it will typically be in an interactive stock training class where it will all come together so that the trader can move to the next level of performance and profits in trading stock or in long term investing.

In setting up to trade stocks online a trader will need to purchase online trading software that is sufficient for his trading needs and compatible with that of the stock broker through whom he is going to trade stock. He will also need to purchase the computer hardware and internet connections with sufficient band width sufficient for the amount of data that passes during online trading. When the trader has these assets in place he will practice technical analysis of stocks in simulation mode in order to perfect his skills. It is during this time, especially, that the trader will benefit from the sound advice of an experienced trader available during an interactive stock training class. Upgrading skills in reading Candlestick patterns may be easier with an interactive stock training class such as Candlestick Forum Boot Camp where the open discussion may help clarify how to execute trades using Candlestick trading tactics.

Because options trading requires the same fundamental and technical analysis skills as stock trading, learning Candlestick pattern formations are just as important for options as for trading stocks directly. To profit from buying calls, selling calls, buying puts, or selling puts the trader will benefit from learning Candlestick charting techniques which will be clearer and easier to learn with the addition of an interactive stock training class to a new traderís training regime.

A large part, some say the largest part, of successful trading and investing is maintaining the discipline to avoid letting the psychology of investing and the psychology of trading take over. Here is another reason to learn from give and take with a professional trader with years of experience. Trading is a business and a strong trading strategy is necessary in order to maintain profitable trading over time. As much as a trader may be skilled at technical trading as well as the stock fundamental analysis is often the ability to keep an even psychological keel that leads to long term success in trading. The association with traders with years of experience and the ability to ask precise questions and get precise answers can mean the difference between long term success and so-so results in trading. An interactive training class can provide this association with a trader with years of experience. Such a class can make the difference between a successful life trading stocks and a brief as well as unprofitable experience.

Market Direction: The candlestick investor has a great advantage when analyzing a potential reversal. Recently the Dow has demonstrated a few sell signals. Stochastics are in the overbought condition. However, the Dow could not close below the T-line. This remaining factor provided a simple scenario. The uptrend had to be considered to still be in progress until there was a close below the tee line. Today illustrated the bears were starting to take control. Both the Dow and the NASDAQ closed below the T-line. The NASDAQ provided an easier assessment of what was occurring in investor sentiment. It gapped down to the T-line but could not hold that level. What did that indicate? Any long positions that were starting to show weakness or confirming a sell signal should be closed out. The close below the T-line was the signal demonstrating which direction the market will move after four or five days of indecisive trading.



The weakness in today's market still makes a strong case for pattern setups. As illustrated in the recent recommendation of TSTC, the J-hook pattern setup was not affected by the selloff in today's market. This provides another advantage for the candlestick investor. A pattern still has a high probability of producing a profit in spite of the overall direction of the market. The worst-case scenario will be that the price does not selloff as quickly as other stock prices when the market has reversed.

The strength of a price move is based upon the strength of the investor sentiment. This is what candlestick signals and patterns reveal. It allows for the participation in strong price moves and in price moves that do not selloff as quickly during a market reversal. This becomes a very important issue when trading stocks, but more important when trading options. Often trades can reverse fast, moving the prices of options very quickly. The longer a stock price maintains it strength in a weak market, the more opportunity there will be to close out an option trade at a reasonable price.

The TSTC chart illustrates the continuation of a pattern, the J-hook pattern, even though the market in general was showing weakness. This position will provide ample time to close out the position if weakness starts appearing because of the general market conditions.


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