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Basic Stock Market Training

Basic stock market training is not just for beginners. Old hands at stock trading and stock market investing will typically benefit from a refresher course in the basics of stock investing and stock market trading. Those beginning investing in the stock market will learn an organized and efficient approach to Candlestick basics. A good, interactive online basic stock market training seminar will be appropriate for a stock investor of any level of development. The interactive feature of an online seminar in basic stock market investment is that traders will be able to ask their questions live and get immediate answers. An online seminar run by an experienced investor and trader will not but a dry run through of facts but a lively discussion of how to profit from investing in the stock market.

Successful stock market investing comes from knowing how to do fundamental analysis and learning the skills of technical analysis. Candlestick charting has been around for centuries. It is a visual system that simplifies seemingly stock price moves. Technical analysis tools such as Candlestick charts will allow the traders to profitably anticipate market trends and market reversal. An online stock market training seminar will start the beginner out on the road to a comprehensive and profitable understanding of Candlestick trading signals. The same course will act as a refresher for the experienced trader. In each case knowing 12 basic Candlestick pattern formations can help the trader towards repeated profits in trading stocks.

A basic stock market training system that teaches Candlestick patterns in a comprehensive and organized manner is an invaluable experience. There is a tendency of the inexperienced trader to jump at every market move in an attempt to make a quick profit. The experienced trader knows that not all market moves turn into tradable patterns. Rice traders in ancient Japan learned to let the market tell them what the market would do. This takes knowledge of the patterns that evolve in Candlestick charts and it takes the patience that experience teaches to wait until the most profitable moment to execute a successful trade.

Those interested in long term investing will benefit from basic stock market training just as traders will. Although investors typically look for intrinsic stock value and a margin of safety in their investments they also want to buy stock and sell stock at the most profitable times. By learning the twelve Candlestick signals an investor will be able to pick the most beneficial and profitable opportunity to buy a promising growth stock and will be able to more accurately anticipate market corrections. Thus an investor who has ridden a hot stock up the charts will be able to either sell in anticipation of a correction or buy puts on the stock, effectively hedging his position. It is in basic stock market training that the beginner learns the fundamentals of his trade. It is also where the experienced investor or trader refreshes and updates what he knows. Both can get their questions answered by the trainer just as if they were both in the same room.

Market Direction: Candlestick analysis allows for the probabilities to be tweaked to an extremely high level. Today's open in the markets was a perfect example of how confirming indicators made it much more clear what the general market trend was going to do. Yesterday, both the Dow and the NASDAQ formed Doji's. Today's weaker open would have been the perfect time to take profits in some of the portfolio positions. This past uptrend has created some very good profitable positions. However, was this a full-scale reversal? That was better assessed when witnessing the NASDAQ opening right on the tee line and immediately started to trade positive from there. The Dow immediately move down to the T-line and started to bounce back up from that level.

Why is that assessment important? One of the simple rules of candlestick trend analysis is that the longer a trend remains in existence, the more compelling the reversal signal should be. Part of the confirmation of a trend reversal is the appearance of a candlestick sell signal and a close below the T-line. Closing below the T-line dramatically improves the probabilities that a trend reversal has occurred. On the other hand, the lack of that confirmation tells us the uptrend will be still in existence. As can be seen in today's trading, both the Dow and the NASDAQ used the tee line as a support. Tomorrow's open will tell whether the uptrend has ended.



It is this type of simple visual evaluation that greatly reduces the emotions of deciding when to take profits. It also provides a framework for making rational buy and sell decisions. The major problem with most trading methods is that it allows too much room for subjectivity. Candlestick analysis provides simple trading rules that dramatically reduce the questionability of what should be done during specific areas of a price trend. This information is easy to learn. The Japanese Rice traders put common sense investment practices into a graphic depiction.

Knowing what should occur as a result of the candlestick patterns also provides a trading format that greatly reduces the emotional decision-making. Each signal and pattern has expected results. Knowing what those results should be allows for holding onto positions when it is appropriate and closing out positions when the expected results are not occurring. Trading without the information built into candlestick formations greatly reduces the probabilities of an investor making consistent returns.


If you are new to candlesticks, please take the time to discover the information made available at a  Candlestick Forum Two-Day training. Most investors use a mishmash of investment techniques when they first start. They use bits and pieces of investment strategies they have learned from jumping from one strategy to another. Japanese candlesticks have one major advantage. They work! Otherwise, you would not be seeing them around today, after hundreds of years of profitability, if they did not work. Please join us this weekend. Once you see the 12 major signals taught in a very orderly format, you will start gaining insights on how to profit from the markets that you have never perceived before. Put the probabilities in your favor. Learn a trading technique that has worked successfully. This weekend, September 25 and 26, join us for the basic candlestick training class. This is the bread-and-butter for learning candlestick signals successfully.

Join us on September 25 and 26.

Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET. Everybody is welcome. We would discuss how to take profits when it is appropriate. This will also lead into how to cultivate your portfolio to where it always has the most profitable potential trade situations.

Good Investing,

The Candlestick Forum Team

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