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Stock Market Report - Rolling With The Changes

A stock market report is a summary of the most recent news of stock market sectors, stock groupings such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Standard and Poor’s 500, the NASDAQ average, and outstanding stock movements either up or down. Reading at least the daily stock market report is important to keep a sense of perspective on where the stock market is and where stocks are going. However, investors and traders commonly invest or trade stocks one at a time and, thus, need to follow their individual stocks and market news that relates to specific market sectors. Investors and traders who buy stock or trade stock by way of index funds such as a fund that tracks the S&P 500 can get their stock market news more directly from stock market reports.

Wall Street news has been available in print by the Wall Street Journal since July 8, 1889 and before that in many newspapers ever since the markets opened. Up to minute market reports used to require a ticker tape machine that delivered stock prices by telegraph and printed an “endless” tape. In today’s electronic world updated reports and online stock investing newsletters are available from many sources. The scrolling stock prices at the bottom of the screen are the last vestige of the ticker tape machine. Up to date news allows investors to follow the latest stock market trends in the USA and in stock markets throughout the world . Up to date information is essential for the day trader who capitalizes on market inefficiencies during periods of high trading volume and high market volatility. Efficient market analysis requires the most recent market information.

To a degree, up to the minute stock market reports reduce the problem of insider trading in that information is generally available to everyone who is paying attention at the same time. Of course true insider trading deals where someone knows of a situation before it becomes public are still difficult, but not impossible, to predict. However, comprehensive stock market reports include lists of insiders who buy stock or sell stock of the company. These purchases or sales of stock shares are reported in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. The definition of insider is a company's officer, director and any “beneficial owner” of more than ten percent of a class of the company's equity securities. A smart stock market trading strategy is to follow what the directors and owners of large blocks of stock are doing in a company where a investor wants to buy stock or a stock option.

Market reports are not just for checking minute by minute stock information. Much of the material in a good report is market analysis for long term investing purposes. Successful investing comes from a well thought out and executed investment strategy. Such a strategy requires analysis of stock market charts, company plans, the price to earnings ratio of a prospective investment, and more. This is the homework of investing and it requires taking the time to read and study all available information.

Market Direction:

The hard sell off now has investor sentiment in an indecisive state. What do the candlestick signals indicate? The stochastics show the markets are getting to the oversold area, with another day or two before they get into the oversold condition. This allows the candlestick investor to plan for the next market move.  Are the markets  going to  bounce from  these levels? And to where? The downtrend was confirmed when it broke down through the 50 day moving average. A bounce should move the indexes back up to test the 50 Moving average.


Today’s trading showed some bullish strength, however there is nothing yet to alter the negative sentiment. Although the markets formed bullish Harami’s today, the stochastics are not yet in the fully oversold area. Any buying has to be done with great nimbleness. These are market conditions that making sitting on the sidelines for feasible for the next few days until a trend can be identified.

The patterns are still working effectively despite the strong pullback. PVTB has formed a strong Fry Pan bottom that has countered acted the selling of the past few days. Remember, the patterns are created by a build up of investor sentiment that usually does not become effected by the general market trend. This type of information allows investors to pinpoint where bulish moves are likely to occur when the general market environment is solidly negative.

( Please pardon the lack of charts. Still working on get Houston Computer system up and running)



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