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Wondering if it is possible to make money trading for a living? An increasing number of people must be thinking the same as you. Whether it is the rising rate of unemployment, or the highly publicized news about investmet scams, the outcome is the same. There seems to be an increasing number of individuals taking charge of their own accounts and even starting new careers to make money trading in the stock market or other markets.

So exactly where do you start to best protect yourself while you learn to make money trading? Obviously, I strongly believe the predictability of candlesticks and have used them for over 27 years. However, when I began using them they were new and there was very little information available on the subject. Now, more and more individuals new to trading the financial markets are quickly turning to candlestick signals to improve their odds to make money trading. One of the major attractions to learning how to read stock charts with candlestick signals is how quickly they can be learned.  Considering there are only 12 Major Candlestick Signals to learn this allows the novice trader to begin paper-trading in a very short period of time. I strongly recommend all new investors practice  paper-trading before trading with real funds.

If you are serious about handling your own finances then you must approach trading for a living the same as any other business endeavor. Educate yourself on your newly chosen career field and prepare for your financial future. I am fairly certain you didn’t become successful in your previous careers without investing a reasonable amount of time and money perfecting your trade. Trading for a living is no different, except in this field you better be certain to perfect your skills before you begin!

Which online stock trading program will you use? Decide which company offers the best online trading service. Make a list of requirements that you must have before you begin your comparisons. Are you interested in automated trading? Do you need end-of-day market data only? Or, are you looking to trade stocks during the day and need live streaming data? How easy is it to access your account when away from your home computer? (One of the most rewarding benefits of trading for a living is that it can be done from anywhere in the World. Your trading office has no walls or physical limitations!) What is the charge for each buy/sell order placed? Will administrative fees eat away at your trading funds, or are these waived for a minimum balance account? Factor in all expenses above and beyond the individual buy/sell expense.

Include a budget for education! Invest in online trading courses and enroll in a membership program to learn trading with other like-minded individuals looking to make money trading. This is not the time for ‘on-the-job training’. This is your financial future.

 Market Direction:   The market is forming a bottom! This can be stated much more convincingly with the information provided from candlestick signals. Candlestick analysis incorporates using the information provided by the indexes to make accurate evaluations of the market trends. The visual elements provided by the signals allows for a better interpretation of what investor sentiment is doing an important technical levels. For the past four trading days, the Dow has been supporting at a bottom area created two weeks ago. There are signs of bullish activity at this level. Common sense dictates that trend evaluation should utilize as many pertinent elements as possible. While the DOW is showing potential basing action, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 showed more convincing bullish attributes.

The Dow has been having a hard time closing above the tee line. This is a very significant part of trend evaluations. The S&P 500 has closed above the tee line and has formed bullish signals over the past few days. The NASDAQ closed above all the moving averages today that could have  been  construed as potential resistance levels.

The bullish close provides more evidence the Bulls are stepping into this market. Investor sentiment is obviously being swayed back and forth by the details conveyed from the stimulus package in Washington. Is the stimulus package good for the market? That is a question we do not individually have to answer. The market will tell us what the market is doing. The evidence of candlestick signals, either bullish or bearish, would demonstrate what investors on a mass basis feels about the components of the stimulus package.



Will the stimulus package turn this economy around? Obviously each analyst has their own opinion. It does not matter what each individual analyst interprets the results will be? The market is made up from the accumulative buying and selling of all investors making decisions. As we have witnessed over the past few days, the flow of bullish and bearish sentiment has moved based upon the stimulus package details. The markets are often influenced by outside activities. The result of outside influences can be immediately seen in an individual candlestick formation. The accuracy of trend analysis is assessing the results of multiple candlesticks. This is easily done. Candlestick analysis is a simple process of putting commonsense investment analysis into a visual graphic.

How do you make money when the markets have some oscillating tendencies? That becomes a simple implementation of common sense money management procedures. The Candlestick Forum utilizes a trading process that was developed to eliminate the emotional aspects of investing. Price patterns in individual stocks create a stronger trend force than the market index actions. There are always stocks that will move in the direction of the current market trend. This becomes valuable information when the market has a definable trend. There are candlestick price patterns that will move with specific results in spite of the general market trend. This information becomes valuable when the overall market is hard to analyze.

The Fry Pan bottom is a very strong price pattern. The major advantage of a candlestick price pattern is the expected results. These results have been identified and utilized for hundreds of years. They are created by buying or selling forces that override outside influences, such as general market direction. As illustrated in one of the Candlestick Forum's recent recommendations, SWWC is continuing its creation of a Fry Pan bottom pattern. Why is this pattern so compelling? Judge for yourself. Note the trajectory of the price of SWWC over the past two weeks versus the general conditions of the markets. Patterns, just as signals, are the accumulative knowledge of all the buyers and sellers participating in that trading entity. The uptrend had buyers participating that also knew the market in general was relatively flat. The buying of this stock was created by other factors then general market conditions.


Knowing what produces a successful pattern movement allows an investor to get into a trade at the proper time and get back out of a trade at the proper time. This is the result of knowing what the expectations are for the end of that price pattern. Something is occurring that could cause a strong price move. The candlestick investor has the benefit of knowing what should occur at the end of this pattern. As demonstrated in the Candlestick Forum's recent recommendation of EYE, the reason for the price moving in the pattern may not be known, but the expected result can be anticipated. This is true of the half-dozen price patterns in the candlestick universe.


Candlestick analysis is not knowing the "secrets" of a newly discovered trading platform. Candlestick analysis is the commonsense interpretation of what occurs over and over in investor sentiment. Emotions are the most powerful factor in price movements. Fundamentals are merely one element that makes prices move one way or the other. Understanding the emotions of the majority of investors participating in any price trend allows the candlestick investor the opportunity to make a very profitable living. These profits are the exploitation of human emotions that can accurately be evaluated through very simple graphic signals.

Boot Camp - For members only - A four-week intensive training will be provided for those investors that are seriously considering trading for a living. Or at least making their trading abilities a much more important income factor. The cost for members will be $697.00. This will involve 8 one-hour online training sessions, dissecting in minute detail, the important aspects built into candlestick signals. A final 4 hour session, on a Saturday morning, will meld all the elements into successful trading for a career. Successful trading involves a well structured use of investment funds, a money management system that eliminates emotions. Entry and exit strategies will be demonstrated in minute detail for establishing high probability profitable trades and quickly getting out  from bad trades or taking profits. Simple candlestick techniques will allow for the elimination of emotions. Trend analysis, scanning for the highest probability trades, portfolio management, and simple to use profit-taking techniques will be demonstrated in this detail intensive training. This will be a very limited training class, only 15 members will be allowed to participate. This is to allow for one-on-one assessment and evaluation from Mr. Bigalow for each participant. This will not be your basic candlestick training. This will be directed toward investors that want to have the opportunity to trade for a living versus depending upon a job/occupation that might not be in existence three months down the road. For more details/itinerary or to reserve your spot in this direct and powerful training format, please e-mail

Chat session tonight at 8 pm ET. Invite your buddies. We will discuss the Fry Pan Bottom and how to use it effectively. Click here for instructions.

Good investing,

The Candlestick Forum Team

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