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Virtually every brokerage firm offers the services of an online stock broker to its clients. Many investors prefer this in order to be able to place trades 24 hours a day. They donít require the need to speak with a live person when trading stocks online nor do they want to have to wait for their live stock broker to return their call. Itís no surprise that in todayís information era, investors want to trade at the click of a button and have the ability to access account information at a momentís notice.

Before hiring an online stock broker each investor must determine if they would like to utilize the services of a full service broker or a discount broker. Full services brokers offer a wide variety of products, they offer investment advice, and they research for their clients. They have higher fees because of this and are paid a commission. They arenít paid according to the success of your investment portfolio, but instead of how often you place trades. Online discount brokers, on the other hand, do not research for their clients, they donít offer investment advice, and they simply place your trades. They charge lower fees of course because they provide fewer services. These brokers are typically paid a fixed salary rather than commission, which is why a lot of investors opt to use discount brokers. They work to provide the best service at the lowest cost!

Picking an online stock broker is one of the most important decisions that every investor makes. There are many to choose from, which makes it more difficult, but that also means that there is a lot of competition which is good for investors. When researching be sure that you find out as much about the brokerage firm as possible. You should find out how good their customer service is, how fast their customer service is and how reliable their trading system is. Many investors will call customer service before committing to a firm to find out how long it takes them to answer the phone and also to find out how helpful the customer services representatives are. They will also receive referrals from fellow investors in their community to find how reliable and user friendly their stock market trading system is.

Finding an online stock broker that meets your needs should not be a quick decision. Investors should put as much time as possible into researching various firms in order to find one that best suites their needs. Join an online forum or chat group that specializes in your stock trading method of choice. They can provide you with a few referrals for those firms that they like and they can also provide the names of those brokerage firms that you should stay away from. Happy hunting and happy investing!

Market Direction: Why do most people get bored during a boring market? Because they don't have the capabilities to discover which stocks are moving the best when the whole market is moving sideways. The candlestick investor has a couple major advantages. Of course the first and major advantage is being able to locate stocks/sectors that are moving well even when the market continues to move sideways. This is an inherent feature of candlestick analysis. Many programs exuberantly promote that their trading program can find the strong stocks in an up market and the weakest stocks during a down market. Candlestick analysis does that and much more.

Candlestick analysis incorporates simple visual identification of the results of investor sentiment. That can be applied to the market indexes, sectors, and individual stocks. Candlestick scans can identify which sectors are starting to get big money participation. The utilization of candlestick signals and gaps provides a format for finding potentially strong price trends. The directional bias of a portfolio is predicated upon knowing which direction the market is moving. Obviously, if the market is in an uptrend, long positions will be established. A downward trending market will have a portfolio situated heavier in short positions. This may seem like simplistic statements, but many training programs do not have the accuracy of projecting which direction the market is moving in general. Candlestick analysis provides a very clear assessment of market direction.

A candlestick buy signal, in oversold condition, stochastics below 20, provides cause for projecting an upward trend. A candlestick sell signal in the Dow and NASDAQ, when stochastics are in the overbought condition, make the probabilities extremely strong that a downtrend is going to start. But the real test for a trading program is to identify strong buy or sell signals when the market is not providing any clear-cut direction. As stated in our newsletters for the past 2 1/2 months, it is very important to let the market tell you what the market is doing. This is what the Japanese rice traders have professed for the past four centuries.

It is relatively easy to make money in the markets even when the market is moving sideways. A major benefit of candlestick analysis is to be able to evaluate that the market 'is' moving sideways. As demonstrated by the Dow over the past two months, there has not been any directional bias that could be exploited. However, the fact that candlestick signals reveal where the buying and selling is coming into specific stocks/sectors, profits can still be made on a consistent basis. What becomes the overriding factor? Being able to analyze that the market is continuing to move sideways. This becomes a relevant factor when establishing long positions or short positions as the markets test the tops and bottoms of the trading channel.


Knowing what is required for each individual trading day to maintain the trend evaluation becomes important. As illustrated in the Dow chart, recent trading has created the potential of a downward move coming out of the flat trading area. Knowing what would be required for a trend reversal on a day-to-day basis allows an investor to accurately assess whether the current market sentiment has changed. Last week the Dow broke down through an obvious trend line. The following day was an important indicator as to what investor sentiment was going to do from that point. A Hammer signal formed. This provided the potential for indicating the selling had stopped. That was confirmed the following day, forming a Morning Star signal. Knowing what should occur after a Morning Star signal, to confirm an uptrend, kept candlestick investors from committing funds aggressively until the signal was confirmed. The following day, a bearish candle completely negated the Morning Star signal. This gave rise to the potential of a slow rounded top to be forming over the past two months. However, yesterday's trading created another indecisive signal, the Inverted Hammer signal. That signal, followed by today's bullish candle, has formed another Morning Star signal.

What does this tell us? For the time being, at worst the Dow is still in a sideways mode. If tomorrow opens positive, the probabilities indicate the Dow could move back up into its trading channel for the next few days. Once again, at worst, a sideways moving market. But having the knowledge that this market is not falling out of bed allows for participating in the candlestick patterns that have proven themselves to be highly profitable. Will those bullish patterns work even if the market was going down? More than likely, but not with the same strength they would if the market was moving positive or at least sideways.


Candlestick analysis is merely the common sense evaluation of what each signal or combination of signals is revealing. Most investors do not have trading programs or indicators that provide a clear visual chart that candlestick signals provide. Take advantage of the information incorporated into the signals. The simple logic behind their formation will allow you to interpret all trends and market conditions.

Online training program - The Candlestick Forum Online training program - September 20 and 21st. The Candlestick Forum is presenting a two-day online training program. This training takes investors from be basics of candlestick signals and methodically shows them how to utilize the information conveyed in the signals for successfully scanning and analyzing the most powerful potential price moves. Wouldn't you like to be able to correctly access what is going on in investor sentiment during every part of a price trend? Wouldn't you like to know when the low risk entry points are available? Do you have problems taking profits at the correct time? These are the things that candlestick signals make very clear and will resolve for you. Stephen W. Bigalow will walk you through the common sense analysis of using candlestick signals correctly. You will gain valuable insights into how investors think and what patterns they produce time after time. Rick Saddler will demonstrate his short-term technical indicators that dramatically improve profitable confirmations of a price move. The past seven years of combining candlestick signals with his researched technical indicators has allowed Rick to produce an extremely lucrative income. Combining his techniques with Steve Bigalow's candlestick analysis makes for a very powerful combination. You do not have to get out of your pajamas. You do not have to pay for plane flights, cab fares, hotel rooms, etc. The modus operandi of both Steve and Rick is to give you the pertinent information for making money in the markets. You will get more information than you anticipate. It will be presented to you in a manner in which you will be able to understand and utilize it immediately. But wait, there's more!!! (Mocking late-night promos) Do not be afraid of thinking you will leave this training session not fully understanding what you have been taught. The learning process will be solidified by continued access to both Steve and Rick on the chat rooms for months to come. Sign up now! Seating is limited. This is a very inexpensive way to take advantage of candlestick trading knowledge. Click here for more information.

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